Sucess Stories

Lionel Crasta

Music Producer


Lionel Crasta joined The Media Tribe in 2013 and worked on projects like Coke Studio, MTV Unplugged, India’s RawStar, Jaipur Literature festival, The Stage and ever since his course at The Media Tribe, he has been a part of the sound engineering and music Production team in Flying Carpet Productions.

Karan Chitra Deshmukh


Karan Chitra Deshmukh from being an aspiring percussionist to performing with artists like Karsh Kale and Papon, Karan has mapped a very successful journey. Karan started as a student at The Media Tribe, where he got an opportunity to work as a Junior engineer at Coke Studio @ MTV, from where he gained lots of inspiration. He credits Mr. Ashish Manchanda for his development of the right attitude and world class guidance.                                                          

Edison Soans

Sound Engineer

Edison Soans completed his course at The Media Tribe and has been working as a freelance sound engineer and music producer. He has been the chief recording engineer for MTV Unplugged Season 4 and Season 5. He is also actively working as a composer and producer in the Advertising Industry.