City and Guilds Accreditation

We are affiliated with City and Guilds, UK to offer Diploma courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production. City and Guilds since its foundation in 1878, has been maintaining the highest standards of education globally. Students are given an opportunity to undertake the City & Guilds examination at the end of their courses and equivalent credits for further international academics. 


We have had a strong association with Kulturtanken Norway since 2011 to impart quality education to young aspirants in the music and technical training of sound engineering and music production, to help raise the bar of education in music industry in India. Kulturtanken has been spearheading the field of multicultural music through the collaboration with music milieus in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for more than 20 years.  

Significantly acclaimed guest Faculty from Europe and USA visit our facilities through Kulturtanken to conduct intensive workshops with our students. The Media Tribe has also conducted sound engineering workshops in Sri Lanka & Bangladesh through Kulturtanken in the past.

Our students are also offered participation and internships in significant international music festivals like Inferno Music Festival, Trondheim Calling Music Festival, Oya Festival, Oslo, Jaffna Music Festival, Sril Lanka and Gaulle Music Festival.  

Students Commendation on

Roger Loren

The scholarship trip to Norway helped me forge ahead of my comfort zone, expanded my horizons and led me to explore new approaches. The highlight of the trip was meeting and learning a lot from live-sound royalty Howard Page, who has worked closely with some of the biggest artists in the world, such as Bee Gees and Sting. While working at the Trondheim Calling music festival, I picked up a great deal of live-mixing techniques for metal, hardcore-punk and rap music. The experience will always have a special place in my heart, not only for all the valuable knowledge I gained, but also for the warmth and hospitality that I experienced. It helped me better understand the impact that culture has on music. Owing to this opportunity by TMT, I have gained a lot of expertise and perspective.

Vedika Chandran

I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the audio crew at the Trondheim Calling festival in Norway. The experience helped me understand the demands and efficient team work that goes into running a professional live engineering setup for a large scale festival as well as intimate performance venues. We were also invited to be part of a conference where live sound engineers from around the world gathered to address important issues in the current live sound industry and share their positive experiences for others to adopt. We got to meet and hear from Mr. Howard Page. He gave us an invaluable amount of information about what to expect in the future and some things to be aware of. Getting chosen to go to Norway by TMT meant they recognised potential which gave me a lot of confidence for the future.

Mohit Shandilya

OYA Music festival is an annual Music Fest featuring Best of the Music. Artists across the Globe in Oslo, Norway. OYA 2017 was indeed one of the most spectacular festival for which I had the opportunity to be a part of and learn in due course of time. Through the association between the KULTURTANKEN and THE MEDIA TRIBE , I got the Student Scholarship to be a Trainee at the OYA Festival 2017 from 9th to 12th August. Much Thanks to Anne Moberg and Kjell Thoreby for their warm Welcome in Oslo and helping me throughout the training Program.

Aniruddha Purushe

Inferno Metal Festival was one of the most educative projects I've worked on till date. I was delighted to understand from my institute, The Media Tribe (TMT), that I'll be working/training in Oslo, Norway on one of the biggest metal music festivals globally. Concerts Norway, who has been TMT's Norwegian Partner was really welcoming and had made all the perfect arrangements! Once I reached Oslo, I was introduced to some of the best live sound engineers from Norway. I got an opportunity to be around Kristina Ringvold, who was one of the very few female live sound engineers I had met in my life; she was working 21 years into the industry then yet extremely humble and patient in answering all my countless number of questions with a big smile on her face! It was an honour to be around such people, to get all my technical doubts cleared and observe how different sound engineers work differently. Considering that I was just 5 months into my course, I got to explore a lot more than I could ever imagine! The metal bands at this festival are the cream of metal music from several countries all over the world. Watching these bands live and such audience reactions was a very unique and special experience altogether! I'm really grateful to my institute - The Media Tribe, the founders - Ashish Manchanda, Ujjla Manchanda and faculty - Aman Moroney for giving me this wonderful opportunity!