"You don't listen to the equipment, you listen through the equipment"

The Media Tribe offers the latest of the Virtual Studio Technology. With Plug-ins and VSTs ranging from

Universal Audio, Waves, Soundtoys, Native Instruments, Arturia, Propellerhead, XLN Audio

iZotope, Cememony, Fabfilter and a bunch of other developers

The Media Tribe is home to some of the finest analog and digital equipment for our students to work on.

Our students have full access to all the gear in order for them to understand the intricate nuances of the sound.

Pre-amps ranging from Shadow Hills, SSL, API, Focusrite, Universal Audio

Microphones from Royer, Neumann, Shure, Beyerdyanamic, Slate, Oktava, Audix, AKG

Analog EQs and Compressors from Great River, API, SSL

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